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When it comes to FDIC, OCC, and Federal Reserve compliance, it's critical that you connect with a seasoned knowledge broker with access. Did you know that TCG and its parent company have the expertise and connections to provide cover for notes secured by commercial real estate (CRE)?

Our combined areas of expertise was the catalyst for launching the Bulk Asset Recovery Plan (BARP}™ The plan specifically targets financial institutions with assets under $1 billion, BARP™ helps risk management personnel present a more favorable balance sheet when CRE concentrations increase risk and subsequent levels of loan loss reserves.

BARP™ will clear your balance sheet of year-over-year spikes in CRE concentration due to any of the following circumstances::

  • Defaults on loan covenants
  • Insufficient monitoring of market conditions
  • Divorce or death of payors
  • Underwriting policy exceptions 
  • Bankruptcy of payors
  • Blemished payment histories
  • Overzealous lending 
  • Costs to foreclose
  • IRS tax liens
  • Changes in zoning regulations before projects are stabilized
  • More


Valuation of hard assets is cyclical; driven by local markets in which they operate. Asset managers rely on knowledge from trusted sources to understand historical market trends and forecasts that impact these valuations. Reducing your exposure becomes prudent when leading economic indicators portend higher levels of portfolio risk. Regulators also prefer a conservative approach to risk management. 

Our agents are trained to view CRE-related risk management as a three prong opportunity to:

  1. Build a long-term relationship with your institution                                                            back to top
  2. Improve your operational performance 
  3. Source buyers and capital to quickly transform losses into gains


Contact me today. Connect with me on Linkedin. I'd be happy to meet and discuss discreet solutions that benefit your community bank, commercial bank, or private investment fund with CRE exposure in Florida, USA.

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